$5 Friday Pick: Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue

We’ve donated $70,795 to
farm sanctuaries
on $5 Fridays.

That’s fantastic news!
Special thanks to every compassionate animal advocate who has participated.
You’ve made a huge difference.

This week’s $5 Friday pick is
Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue
in Wantage, New Jersey.

The all-volunteer Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue provides a safe home to approximately 100 farmed animals, including 22 cows. This new sanctuary offers 232 acres of protection for victims and survivors of the animal agriculture industry. The team rescues many large animals that smaller sanctuaries can’t accommodate. The sanctuary founder goes to extraordinary lengths to rescue animals in need, recently driving 800 miles in an ice storm to rescue a calf. Visitors and volunteers alike told me this sanctuary is a paradise for rescued animals and that it is forever changing people’s eating habits to leave animals off their plates through their tours and massive social media impact.

The sanctuary is very responsible with donations, even growing much of it’s own hay to keep costs down. But, feed and medical care costs can be intense with each new rescue. The sanctuary needs our help to build a dedicated hay barn to safely store the hay they grow, cover medial costs, and grow their robust humane education program promoting vegan eating and compassion for all animals. Skylands is a special sanctuary with unlimited potential that will continue to grow with our help. If we all give a little, it will add up to a lot and make a huge difference for rescued farmed animals. Thank you!

Hopefully these rescued faces at Skylands will inspire you to support this deserving all-volunteer organization.
Let’s make today the best day ever for our animal heroes at Skylands!


Sheila enjoys her freedom at Skylands. Her life is made possible by supporters like you.
Mushy Face
Mushy Face is pictured here resting in one the four houses that make up Pig City. Your support makes so much possible.
Betsy’s ears perked up when she heard the news! Skylands got picked for $5 Friday!
How extraordinary is it that a mother cow and her child get to stay together? Skylands had already given haven to Jackson, the little calf, when the farm agreed to turn over his mother over because she was extremely sick. After receiving emergency care, this is a photo of their reunion moment at Skylands.
Skylands hay
The big “French Fry Basket” (of hay) is always full for these rescued residents.
A scene of Joy at Skylands – running in a vast pasture.
Ellie says hello from Skylands Sanctuary & Rescue!
Sweet gentle Linus was literally in line for slaughter, and must have thought he was dreaming when he was in Mike’s truck moments later, bound for sanctuary.
Freddie leaned in for a smooch to thank you for your kind support.
Skylands founder Mike makes Calvin feel right at home.
Skylands at night
A peaceful evening at the Skylands Cattle Barn…


Please click HERE to donate $5 to
Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue.

First time participating in $5 Friday? Click here to learn how it works!

Click here to check out previous picks!

You can also read Skylands’ inspiring rescue story on Animals of America today.

Please list your $5 donation in the comments section below or on my Facebook page so we can inspire others to donate. Thank you!

Let’s make this a huge day for Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue. They deserve it!
The animals are counting on us!


50 thoughts on “$5 Friday Pick: Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue

  1. This is great! A way we CAN make a difference all together. Sometimes saving the animals seems too overwhelming in this sleeping world. A big Thank You to Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue!!

    1. Thank you so much! I am a volunteer there and see first hand the amazing work of Mike and Wendy every week, the number of animal lives saved… And the faces of people coming there to learn. Thank you for your kind support!

  2. donated $25. skylands and all animal sanctuaries are run by living, breathing angels. thank you for your compassion and dedication.
    and thank you kirschner for everything you do for sanctuaries all over the country!
    ❤ go vegan!

  3. My husband, Michael, and I are are very happy to donate to this very worthwhile, all-volunteer animal sanctuary!
    Thank you, Andrew Kirschner, for finding this life-saving gem!

    1. Hi Suzy! I am volunteer at Skylands Sanctuary and on behalf of the team we want to thank you so much for your kind donation. Your support will help such beautiful residents, such as Jimmy, Autumn, Brutus and the entire gang! Hope to see you there sometime soon!

  4. This is one magnificent animal sanctuary, and so worth it! Mike and Wendy Stura and their volunteers (of which my wife, Jeannie, and I are also at times) are tremendously compassionate and dedicated people. If you’ve never been to an animal sanctuary, you must visit this one, and if you already have been to another, be sure to put this one on your bucket list!

    1. Hi John and Jeannie!! I’m at a volunteer at Skylands Sanctuary and we want to thank you both so so much for your donation, and for your kind words, and for the time you’ve spent visiting and volunteering as well! The animals cannot wait to see you again! 🙂

    1. Hey Christine! I’m a volunteer at Skylands and want to just say thank you anyway for the kind gesture. 🙂

      If you have any questions, visit the Skylands facebook! If you continue to have issues with Paypal, the mailing address is 50 Compton Rd, Wantage, NJ 07461

      Your contribution is greatly appreciated by the animals!

  5. I made a recurring $5 per month donation to Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue. Things have been tough for me recently in many ways, but seeing the photos and videos that Mike puts up from time to time brings me a lot of happiness. I know that it will be put to good use, I can tell that everyone at Skylands is really dedicated to the well being of the animals, so I’m glad to have this opportunity, thanks. Thank you for all that you do, keep spreading the vegan message, I hope to see the sanctuary in person some time soon.

    1. Hi George… I volunteer at Skylands and behalf on the entire team there, we want to thank you so dearly for your monthly contribution. That $5 every month makes such a huge difference and you see it in the faces of all of the resident animals. They are so happy and living a peaceful life because of the sanctuary’s supporters. We cannot wait for you to come visit!!

    1. Hi Mary!! I’m a volunteer at Skylands and want to say you rock!! From everyone, human and animal, at Skylands, we thank you so much!!!

  6. Just clicked to send a special $25 donation from Kavita to Rhonda. Thank you, Kirschner’s Korner, for this opportunity and big thanks to Mike & Wendy. Love from Boston.

    1. Hi Celia and Kavita!! This is Allyson, a volunteer at Skylands. On behalf of the team, and all the animals, we want to send a huge huge thank you for your wonderful donation. Rhonda especially thanks you, and she cannot wait for you to come by some day from Boston!

  7. I happily donated $5.00 for Skylands Sanctuary. Thank you for taking great care of our animal friends! Love following you on Facebook.

    1. Hello Lisa! I’m a volunteer at Skylands and we want to thank you for donating today and for following us on Facebook. All the animals say thank you too! 🙂

    1. Hi Lowell.. I’m a volunteer at Skylands, and we want to thank you so much for the donation and the compliment! Your donation means so much to the animals

    1. Thank you so much Tracy! My name is Theresa and I am a volunteer at Skylands. We want you to know how much we appreciate every donation.

    2. Thank you so much Tracy! I’m a volunteer at Skylands, and everyone, especially the animals, want you to know how much your donation means to us!

    1. Thank you Dave! My name is Theresa and I volunteer for Skylands. We really appreciate your support. The sanctuary address is:
      Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue
      50 Compton Road
      Wantage, NJ 07461

    1. Thank you for your donation Linda! I’m a volunteer at Skylands and we want you to know how much we appreciate your support.

    2. Thank you so much Linda! My name is Rebecca and as a volunteer at Skylands let me express my gratitude to you – thank you for taking part in $5 Friday’s and making it an amazing day!

    1. Thank you Maureen! I’m a volunteer at Skylands and we want to make thank everyone for their support. Jimmy is amazing and gets so much love, from his mom and dad, and all of the volunteers and visitors. He is definitely a star. ❤️

    1. Thank you Carolyn! I’m a volunteer at Skylands and there is nothing better than getting to spend time with the animals here. Your help is greatly appreciated by everyone, most definitely the animals!

    1. Wow, thank you Robbie for keeping the generosity going today! As a volunteer at Skylands, I wanted to express my gratitude for your support of this awesome place. Sincerely, Rebecca

    1. Jeri – – Thank you so much for making $5 Friday extend into Saturday! I am here today volunteering, seeing the compassion and education in action, and your support goes so far with everyone’s to help Skylands continue the work they have been doing, Gratitude, and best wishes!

  8. We donated a total of $4,025 on $5 Friday to Skylands Animal Sanctuary And Rescue. They are very grateful for your support. Thank you for taking the time to help such a deserving organization. I appreciate everyone’s participation!

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