$5 Friday Pick: Lasa Sanctuary

We’ve donated a staggering $38,689
to farmed animal rescue 
and advocacy organizations
on $5 Fridays.
That’s amazing! Let’s keep it going!

Lasa Sanctuary
Ashtabula, OHIO


Here are a few reasons to make a $5 donation to Lasa Sanctuary:

This all-volunteer sanctuary, located in a rural county in Ohio, began in 2012. On an annual budget of only $42,000, they’ve rescued and care for 96 animals. I was impressed at every stage of the review process from their unique letter writing campaigns that inspire children to be pen pals with their animals to their well-planned tours and participation in VegFests and street fairs. This team of animal heroes rescues the most downtrodden from a pot belly pig with no ears to a blind turkey. Their social media following and incredible 81 reviews average the highest 5-star rating provide further evidence of their selfless, life-saving work and the relationships they build with the community and their volunteers.

The sanctuary desperately needs money to buy food for their growing population of rescues. Their calves are growing into cattle and consuming more and they’re rescuing more animals from the ravages of factory farms. It’s also cheaper to buy more hay at a time so the infusion of financial support would help them get more bang for their buck. They’re performing most of the hard labor at the sanctuary by hand because they don’t have the equipment they need that makes it easier. This is a special opportunity to rally for a dedicated, truly amazing group of volunteers helping to make the world a more humane place. Let’s go big today and show Lasa Sanctuary how much we appreciate everything they do!

Still not convinced? Hopefully these rescued faces at Lasa Sanctuary will inspire you to click this donate button!

chickc lasa
chickens 2

Tabra Pigdraba, the special needs pig
Tabra Pigdraba, the special needs pig at Lasa Sanctuary


lasa t

Lasa Sanctuary.

UP TO $1,500 TODAY!

First time participating in $5 Friday? Click here to learn how it works! Click here to check out previous picks! You can also read Lasa Sanctuary’s inspiring rescue of Maz on Animals of America today.

Please list your $5 donation in the comments section below or on my Facebook page so we can inspire others to donate and track our total. Thank you.

69 thoughts on “$5 Friday Pick: Lasa Sanctuary

    1. Hope Haven your Friday set the bar high and we’ve learned so much, thanks for getting us started off!

  1. I just donated to Lasa Sanctuary…one of the most special places on earth to me. Please give my sweet Avani and all the animals a kiss from me. I am going to share the heck out of this today.

    1. Sande – I can see Avani from my window right now, happily grazing along side her brothers. She is such a sweet soul and I can’t wait until the day you can see her again. We are thankful for her every moment. And we are so thankful for your support and encouragement. Share – share – share!

    1. We love you, Shawn! Goat Rory O’Byers is always bragging to the others about how cool her uncles are! Smooch!

    1. Back at ya, Anya! Local (and just all around awesome) people showing support time and time again… just doesn’t get much better. Love!

  2. LASA, is a true sanctuary for all animals: the big, the small and the human who are blessed to volunteer there.

    1. Best news ever, Mike! We are so excited to welcome you back and show you all the new vibrancy of 2016!

  3. Dear Andrew, Thank you for all you do! I was wondering how I might nominate a sanctuary for this terrific event you do. Is there information on a page somewhere? I know a great place run by one woman and her family, and I KNOW she could use the help.

    Thank you for your time. I will look forward to hearing from you.


    On Fri, Apr 15, 2016 at 5:44 AM, Kirschners Korner wrote:

    > Andrew Kirschner posted: “We’ve donated a staggering $38,689 to farmed > animal rescue and advocacy organizations on $5 Fridays. That’s amazing! > Let’s keep it going! $5 FRIDAY PICK Lasa Sanctuary Ashtabula, OHIO Here > are a few reasons to make a $5 donation to Lasa Sa” >

    1. Sheila, your support and generosity, as well as that from Indraloka over the years is so appreciated! Our Big pigs, Theo and Webster, will surely enjoy the fresh produce this donation will supply!

    1. Thanks so much, Sophie! Our blind turkey boy, Pete, will love the treats this will supply!

  4. Made a gift for the project- $50 in honor of the fourth birthday of Moka Latte, my chihuahua son who turns 4 this month.

    1. Thank you Laurel and Moka Latte! Our 4 year old cow son, Donovan, celebrates you both!

    1. 4 x the donation = 5 bales of hay = 8 happy sheep for 1 week!
      Nanda, Shanti and family thank you!

    1. Thank you, Christine! Each $5 translates to another bale of hay to fill the barn in promise to our steer, Miles Anaai that he’ll never go hungry again.

  5. Thank you for all your compassionate work and for picking out a great sanctuary each Friday for us to donate to. We truly appreciate it.

    And Thank you Joy for all the wonderful work you do rescuing and caring for endangered animals. I am so grateful for all the wonderful work you and the sanctuary do.

    I just donated $10. Happy Friday.

    1. We second that thanks to Andrew for all his hard work and dedication!

      We also thank you, Robert, for recognizing the huge importance of supporters from near and far to help us little guys keep doing the work we do. It’s because of you that we can welcome in piglets like our Theodore when I get the call that he was left behind on the transport truck at slaughter, or greet new chicks like Maz and Qui-Gon who arrived at a local store injured and exhausted with open arms. Thank you, and Happy Friday.

    1. Hi Katherine! Tabitha is a wonderful volunteer with her own namesake pig, now known as Tab (due to some mis-information at the time of his rescue), I’m certain both Tab’s join me in thanking you whole-heartedly!

    1. Thank you, Terese! That will provide two more bales of hay for the calves Skye and Montague!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! Our place is beautiful but it’s our animals and our community who are amazing. Like our young turkey hen, Janet, who loves to snuggle, our pig, Robert, who hates to snuggle, and now YOU, who so graciously gave to their ongoing care.

    1. Karen! How extraordinary! This donation will go a long way in providing our 4 young chicks, Sookie, Zen, Maz, and Qui-Gon with their step-up home and play yard this summer.

    1. Thank you, Linda! Your donation will keep Big Pigs Theodore Logan and Webster William happy with snacks of apples and zucchini!

  6. I just donated and I recently became a chicken sponsor and a dog/ cat sponsor .I’m so pleased to have discovered your wonderful sanctuary and I love reading the stories of the animals and the updates . Thank you for the work that you do !

    1. Thank you for your sponsorships of Maz and Simon as well as today’s donation! We’re honored to have you as part of our Human Herd!

    1. Tom, your amazing donation was a turning point in this entire campaign and means a ton to both of us! With these funds we’ll be able to buy 100 bales of high quality hay for our cows, sheep, goats, and pigs and sleep easier knowing that rain, snow, sleet, or sun, we’ll have ample food on site for our herd.

  7. Donated earlier today. Love all the care and compassion you show every animal, big or small. Give them all hugs for me!

    1. Big and small, like our head steer Jude Amor to our teeniest of tiniests, chick Qui-Gon, we send our sincere thanks and virtual hugs your way, Linda! Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Carolyn! There was a time when our newly rescued chicks’s lives were valued at just mere cents by the industry. Now they are priceless and your donation will help provide for them as they grow and thrive here. What “more” is there to wish for, really. Much love.

    1. Thank you, Robbie, for your help in our spring-time project funding such as repairing the swimming pond for Frederick and our other ducks!

  8. Just donated and with pleasure! You all work so hard at Lasa. You do great things and it’s appreciated more than I can even begin to tell you. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Lynn, for your donation today and your ongoing support. We do hope you’ll make your way out for another visit soon!

  9. Special thanks to everyone for your inspiring support of Lasa Sanctuary. We had another massive day of donations. The total is amazing for a single day. The Lasa team is hugely grateful. If you missed it today, you can still donate this weekend. Thanks again for making this such a special day for Lasa Sanctuary. I’ll post the final number Sunday.

    1. Thank you, Muriel! Your donation will help us provide needed medication for our arthritic pig Robert to help him stay comfortable and content.

  10. A huge thank you to everyone for supporting Lasa Sanctuary! A record-breaking 209 people donated on Friday for a total of $5,335. That’s incredible. That’s more than 12% of their annual budget in one day! Wow!

    Our new $5 Friday total is $44,024. Absolutely amazing teamwork! Thank you!

  11. hello Lasa sanctuay

    i would to come by and visit the sanctuary. Could you please tell me when is a good time to do so? thank you

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