SeaWorld Fans React to the End of Orca Breeding

Citing public scrutiny, SeaWorld recently announced the end of its captive breeding program for killer whales. Even though the mortality rate for whales in captivity is 2.5 times higher than orcas in the wild and despite continued opposition to their other marine shows, SeaWorld will continue to deprive their existing whales, dolphins, and other animals of their freedom and exploit them for profit. Regardless, here is a sample of responses from SeaWorld fans on their Facebook page after they announced the end of their orca breeding program.


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Animal advocates should find these comments instructive. They reveal the depth of misunderstanding, shortsightedness, and self-interest that exists in the pro-confinement movement. These comments also provide necessary insight into how much work we have ahead of us to educate the public about how to enjoy marine and wildlife without confining, abusing, exploiting, and even killing them for profit. I hope their words inspire you to get involved, stay involved, or get more involved in the process of advocating for animals.


5 thoughts on “SeaWorld Fans React to the End of Orca Breeding

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    1. Hi Cecilia,

      Thank you for your request. If you look at the end of the article, you should see “SHARE THIS.” Under it, you should see “f Facebbok.” If you click on it, it should give you the option to share it.

      If that doesn’t work for you, you can always share an article by copying and pasting the URL to your Facebook.

      1. I read many of the comments opposing the decision by SeaWorld to stop captive breading and those people are definitely short sighted on the cruelty imposed on these beautiful mammals through captivity. There comments where clearly those of selfishness. If they care for the health and happiness of these beautiful creature at all they would want to see them set free. Unfortunately though all of the comments where all about these people’s selfishness and nothing to do with the welfare of the Orca’s. They are very selfish and uneducated people. They need to do their research on how detrimental captivity is for these majestic creatures to understand what this is doing to the Orcas. I would hope after becoming fully education they would care but maybe not. Maybe it is all about what these people want through selfishness regardless of the cruelty. 😦

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