Five Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump

Many people argue there are no reasons to vote for Donald Trump. Au contraire. There are many arguments to support Trump’s candidacy. This list, while not all inclusive, should inspire people to go to the polls in November.

1. Trump will provide a valuable non-example of how people should conduct themselves in all facets of their life. Teachers can use his non-example in school. They can explain, “When you see our president bully, tease, cheat, and mock people, that is the opposite of how you should act. He is showing you what not to do.” Sure, it will confuse children why such a reprehensible and incompetent fraud is the President of the United States, but maybe it will inspire them to take action to offset his wreckage. Trump will trample the constitution, flex his racist chops, gaslight people into therapy, and break every law and norm, but we need someone who tells it like it is, right?


2. You won’t have to be bothered by the environment anymore. When asked about regulations to save the environment, Trump stated, “We can save a little.” It’s unclear what that means. Will he save a little of the ocean from oil drilling or commercial fishing? Will he save a little of the trees and wildlife from deforestation and fires? Or will he save a little of the air from pollution, so we can breathe? Oh, what’s the difference. It’s just the environment! Anyway, what choice do we have? We have no choice. The environment has to go! As Trump stated, “The Department of Environmental is killing businesses.” We have to find out what’s going on, especially with this department that doesn’t exist. That I can tell you.


3. Trump will help us return to the mid-19th century when we fought each other instead of other countries. It’s cheaper and more convenient. Why fly to the Middle East to drop bombs when we have plenty of enemies in America? Don’t like someone’s opposition to your views? Punch them in the face! The blueprint to make America great again is simple: Don’t listen to dissenting points of view, hate and destroy the opposition, blame everyone else, and get rid of people who get in the way. Trump’s propaganda has the power to incite violence and threaten our democracy. We’re going to make history! Believe me, folks, it’s going to be great.


4. Trump will make pathological lying in vogue. Most people never dream of lying and standing by their lie after it’s exposed as a lie as much as Trump. His most daring lie is his oft-repeated contention that he opposed the Iraq War from the beginning. This statement was rated by Politifact as “False.” In fact, Trump supported the Iraq War in 2002! But, under a Trump presidency, we will not have to bother with nagging facts. We will erode trust in the media for holding him accountable and create our own reality. Trump will never fail because he will never take responsibility for anything, so we will always be winning.


5. Trump will make you forget your problems by talking about his problems. No greater victim has existed in human history. Forget about your family, health, job, and other issues that matter to you. The Trump presidency will focus exclusively on which members of the media slight him, his net worth, crowd sizes, latest magazine covers, his greatness and perfection, and most importantly, which people are ugly, dumb, and lazy. For people who want to listen to a textbook narcissist talk about himself and the minutiae that occupies his life for four years and don’t care about the most pressing problems of our time, including their own, a Trump presidency is a perfect fit.

Still not convinced why you should vote for Trump? Well, then maybe this verified Trump tweet applies to you.

Trump Tweet
Trump Tweet 6:37 PM – 8 May 2013

16 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump

    1. Sadly, the public has not been harsh enough on Trump which is how we wound up with this train wreck. Thus, I will continue to use my voice to help prevent this lunatic from becoming the President.

      Trump is proud of his sons who shoot elephants, leopards, buffalo, and other animals for fun. When asked about their passion for shooting these animals, including a crocodile that they hung from a tree, Trump replied, “They’re great marksman, great shots, they love it. It’s on par with golf, if not ahead of golf.”

      I know, I know…he raised an amazing family.

      1. thank you again for keeping up the good fight….Just remember; there is hope. The primary voters just represent 10 percent of this countries’ voters.

        Liberty & justice for all!

    2. Hit thumbs up in error. Thought I was giVing Andrew a thumbs up for his spot on blog. This is EXACTLY what this country will get if Trump is voted in as president. The truth can be harsh, but I rather the truth than sugar coated bull sh*t.

  1. The image of Trump riding atop the GOP elephant, and leaving the Statue of Liberty behind in a steaming pile, is particularly poignant. Yikes!

    As far as the story of his never-ending lies, this has been one of the biggest plays in the Rove GOP handbook for years. “That’s not me standing on your toe.” “Is not.” “Am not.” “Prove it.” Trump has just taken it to the next, and hopefully final, level. BAN TRUMP (PTBARNUM is in there as the perfect Jumble-word puzzle. Could it be any more fitting?) It’s a loosely coded cosmic warning.

    1. Thank you. I practically have. It’s beyond my comprehension how any human being could even entertain the idea of voting for this person. Even if someone supports his racism, bigotry, misogyny, etc., he still won’t represent their more vital interests (health, safety, employment, etc.).

      It is fascinating to me that someone who has been running a Miss USA pageant can simply tell people he knows how to fight terrorism without ANY experience or knowledge of the issue and millions of Americans say, “Yep, he’s our guy.” Mind-numbing.

      If only solving problems was as simple as talking tough and in abstractions.

  2. am becoming so worried…Hillary got it correct: The ignorant bigots are just drooling to vote in this mad man. They think he will make “merica white again!” Heaven help up/ & PLEASE VOTE!!!!

  3. I triple sourced that tweet because I could not believe he wrote it. Then I found it on his actual Twitter page. Mind blown. He would not be mature enough to converse with a five-year-old child. We’ve entered an alternate universe.

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