Animals of America

In order to help people get to know farmed animals on an individual basis, shine a spotlight on the heroic people rescuing, rehabilitating, and caring for these animals, increase support for farmed animal sanctuaries, and inspire people to stop eating animals, I created a new Facebook page called Animals of America.

The animal version of Humans of New York, Animals of America features the stories behind rescued farmed animals living at sanctuaries in the United States.

Animals of America Profile

Are you interested in submitting a photo and story to Animals of America? Please review the following guidelines:

  1. Select one rescued farmed animal (not a group of animals) per submission. Animals of America only features animals that people eat (chickens, cows, pigs, turkeys, etc.).  Submit a high resolution photo of the animal. Photos must not show cages. Animals should be looking into a camera, or interacting with a person, or on their own. The photo should be large, horizontal, and high quality resolution. The animal has to have been saved from being eaten (i.e. from a backyard butcher, factory farm, etc.).
  2. Submit a paragraph story (maximum 150 words) with each photo that includes the animal’s name and explains the animal’s rescue story, current life on the sanctuary, and disposition. The story must be written in the first person point of view from the perspective of the rescuers (“Floppy fell off a transport truck…” and “We rescued Floppy from…” and “He enjoys giving kisses…”). Every story should end with the catch phrase, “This is (insert animal name), a survivor of the (insert industry, i.e. dairy industry). Only mention the name of the animal (do not include people’s names) to keep the focus on the animals. The sanctuary will be prominently tagged in the post.
  3. All submissions must come directly from a volunteer or sanctuary employee.
  4. The animal must live on the property of a registered non-profit sanctuary.
  5. There is no limit on the number of stories and photos you can submit.
AOA post
This is a sample post from Animals of America.
Please also consider inviting your friends to “like” the page.

I reserve the right to edit all stories to ensure they are succinct, grammatically correct, and presented in the most effective manner. Nominees will be selected based on the aforementioned criteria. Submit each story and photo to Animals of America via private message on the Animals of America Facebook page. You will be notified if your stories are selected. Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Animals of America

  1. This is an amazing idea! I would love to help out or be a part of this or any initiative you have going on. I’m really looking into different wants I can start helping and spreading awareness other than liking and reading posts. Thanks for all you do! Kindly, Andrew Muszynski

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    1. Thank you Andrew. That’s very kind of you. You can help in the following ways:

      1) Invite your Facebook friends to join the Animals of America page by selecting the “Invite Friends” option on the page and clicking each friend and the “Invite” button. It will help build an audience for these rescued animals’ stories and the sanctuaries that care for them.

      2) You can share this post with sanctuaries and ask them to submit their stories.

      Don’t underestimate the power of sharing. For example, if you share my $5 Friday features and your friends donate, your sharing has helped to save lives. Please keep in touch and thank you for your help!

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