Kite Hill Ravioli


Company: Kite Hill
Product: Kite Hill Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli

Description: In our spinach ravioli we balance the sweet flavors of our whipped ricotta, fresh garlic and sautéed spinach. We fold that into a hand made dough produced by local artisans.

Ingredients: Filling: non-dairy ricotta cheese (almond milk [water, almonds], salt, enzymes, cultures), spinach, breadcrumbs, roasted garlic base, garlic, salt, black pepper Pasta: durum flour, water, beta-carotene.

Ratings (1=worst – 10=best)
Taste: 10
Texture: 10
Similarity to animal-based version: 10
Comparison to other plant-based versions: 10
Reason to avoid animal-based version: Click here (graphic)

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