Chao Slices

Field Roast
Product: Vegan Chao Slices Creamy Original

Description: This rich and creamy vegan cheese is coconut-based and seasoned with a fermented tofu, traditionally called ‘Chao’ by the Vietnamese. Chao Slices have bold flavors and a cheesy bite right out of the package or melted on your favorite hot sandwich or burger.

Ingredients:  Filtered water, coconut oil, modified corn and potato starch, potato starch, fermented chao tofu (soybeans, water, salt, sesame oil, calcium sulfate), sea salt, natural vegan flavor, olive extract (antioxidant used as a natural preservative), beta carotene

Ratings (1=worst – 10=best)
Taste: 10
Texture: 10
Similarity to animal-based version: 10
Comparison to other plant-based versions: 10
Reason to avoid animal-based version: Click here (graphic)

4 thoughts on “Chao Slices

  1. Among my vegan friends, there is wide variation in how much they like this product. For instance, my wife and I and some vegan friends thought the “original” flavor was blah. Others love it. I thought this might be helpful to prospective first-time buyers. More broadly, I’m heartened that there are so many new flavors and brands of vegan cheese, and overall, I think the quality is increasing at a fast pace. If you don’t like one variety, try another and you may find success. All avoid the cruelty of dairy.

    1. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us Gary! Great advice! Indeed, if you don’t like one brand, try another! As you said, taste buds vary widely so one person’s favorite might be another’s least favorite and vice versa. The good news is that there are more and more plant-based choices becoming available every day!

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