$5 Friday Pick: Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

What is $5 Friday?
I started “$5 Fridays” to inspire people to support animal advocacy organizations. Every Friday, I select an organization and kindly ask everyone to donate $5 to it. If we all donate $5, it will add up and make a big difference for animals.

How can you help?
1) Donate $5 directly to the $5 Friday pick via their website (or any animal charity you choose!).

2) Post the name of the organization and your donation amount in the comments section below so we can keep a running total of donations (i.e. “I donated $5 to Indraloka Animal Sanctuary”). I confirm our total with the organization the following day.

That’s it. It’s that simple!

How do I select the organizations?
I read independent assessments, interview organization leaders, speak with volunteers, read websites and Google reviews, check social media activity, review the organization’s financials, and think critically about every decision. I focus on organizations that can quantify the effectiveness of their work and make the biggest impact for animals.

Why should we donate?
Animal rescue and advocacy organizations rely on our generosity to propel their work. Whether it’s providing humane education to students, designing and printing veg starter kits, launching online pro-animal advertisements, employing undercover investigators, organizing boycotts or protests, advocating for pro-animal legislation, or providing medical care, food, and shelter to rescued animals, it costs money to run these organizations. Our donations directly help them save more animals’ lives.

Our new $5 Friday total is $5,689 donated to help animals!
That’s amazing!
Let’s keep it going!

Raymond the Rescued Pig at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

$5 Friday Pick #12: Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, Mehoopany, PA

Here are five reasons to donate $5 to the Indraloka:

1. Selick was held in a dark, filthy barn with more than 50 other pigs for years before police, with Indraloka’s help, were able to rescue them in 2008.  By the time they secured a warrant, many of the pigs had died of starvation and dehydration. They found Selick blind in both eyes, severely malnourished, extremely aggressive towards other pigs, and very frightened of humans.  Today, he has learned that he is safe at Indraloka, and that humans there want only to be his friends. Selick no longer fights with other pigs, although he prefers the company of rescued turkeys and ducks.

Selick the Pig with Rachael the Volunteer
Selick the Pig with Rachael the Volunteer

2. Watch Thelma and Louise’s rescue before Thanksgiving.

3. The heartwarming stories of the 200 rescued animals in Indraloka’s care have reached more than 100,000 viewers online.

4. Watch this video of children visiting Indraloka Animal Sanctuary to see how they inspire more than 1,000 school children every year to show compassion for farm animals. Indraloka focuses on the environmental impact of animal agriculture, incorporates art, and even teaches students math as they engage in fun educational opportunities such as calculating the weight of pigs. Indraloka’s partnership with schools educates children and teaches them to respect farm animals.

5. Watch Jeremiah’s rescue and recovery. Indraloka Animal Sanctuary has a strong focus on the quality of care for the animals they rescue. They check their overall health, look for signs of happiness, and observe their behavioral language and interactions to ensure maximum happiness.

Let’s show the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary team how much we appreciate everything they do to make the world a more humane place for animals by empowering them to do even more.

Click here to donate $5 directly to Indraloka Animal Sanctuary. Thank you for participating in $5 Friday.

Remember to list your donation and the amount in the comments section below so we can track our total. Thank you!


20 thoughts on “$5 Friday Pick: Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

    1. That’s fantastic news! The team has already donated hundreds on my Facebook page thus far as well so it is shaping up to be a huge day for Indraloka thanks to compassionate people like you! Thank you for taking the time to support this special sanctuary!

  1. $5US to Indraloka Animal Sanctuary. Jeremiah’s story made me weep tears first of sadness for the incredible brutality he suffered and then of happiness as I saw him recover his beautiful and joyful spirit. Thank you, Andrew, for the work you do vetting these organizations.

  2. Thank you to everyone who joined us this week on my blog and Facebook. Thanks to your generous support, we donated a total of $565 to Indraloka, which was doubled by a generous supporter, bringing our total to $1,130. That’s amazing.

    When I spoke with Indra this morning, she expressed her sincere gratitude and told me how much it will mean to the animals in the sanctuary’s care and their continued efforts to educate the public about farm animals. You all did a great deed supporting this sanctuary.

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to support $5 Friday organizations and I hope to see you next Friday.

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