$5 Friday Pick: Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

What is $5 Friday?
I started “$5 Fridays” to inspire people to support animal advocacy organizations. Every Friday, I select an organization and kindly ask everyone to donate $5 to it. Many people don’t have a lot of money to give but most people have a little. If we all donate a little, it will add up to a lot and make a big difference for animals.

How can you help?
1) Donate $5 directly to the $5 Friday pick via their website (or any animal charity you choose!).

2) Post the name of the organization and your donation amount in the comments section below so we can keep a running total of donations (i.e. “I donated $5 to the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition”). I confirm our total with the organization the following day.

That’s it. It’s that simple!

How do I select the organizations?
I read independent assessments, interview organization leaders, speak with volunteers, read websites and Google reviews, check social media activity, review the organization’s financials, and think critically about every decision. I focus on organizations that can quantify the effectiveness of their work and make the biggest impact for animals.

Why should we donate?
Animal rescue and advocacy organizations rely on our generosity to propel their work. Whether it’s providing humane education to students, designing and printing veg starter kits, launching online pro-animal advertisements, employing undercover investigators, organizing boycotts or protests, advocating for pro-animal legislation, or providing medical care, food, and shelter to rescued animals, it costs money to run these organizations. Our donations directly help them save more animals’ lives.

Our new $5 Friday total is $4,879 donated to help animals!
Let’s keep it going!


$5 Friday Pick #11: Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (FFAC)

Here are five reasons to donate $5 to the FFAC:

1. In 2015, the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition made 157 presentations to 6,800 people on the health, environmental, and animal welfare impact of factory farming — that’s a 100% increase from 2014. This non-profit, animal advocacy organization is teaching thousands of people how to show compassion for all animals!

ffac 2

2. People are responding favorably. At the end of each presentation, attendees complete a survey. The FFAC uses the survey data to improve the delivery of their services, indicating they work hard and smart to help animals. An incredible 82% of people who watched a presentation have pledged to change their diets! The FFAC has translated attendees pledges into:

– More than 50,000 animal lives saved
– More than 465 million gallons of water saved
– More than 6 million pounds of carbon emissions prevented

The survey feedback and personal narratives from attendees demonstrate that the FFAC presentations work. When people learn the truth about animal agriculture, they often make life-saving changes. Thus, humane education is part and parcel of effective animal advocacy.

ffac 1
Students holding signs they made after a recent FFAC presentation

3. The FFAC organizes the Oakland VegFest. More than 2,000 people attended it this year. Since it is the first year, they are working on quantifying the impact of the event. They expect it to continue to grow in popularity, introducing thousands of people to the benefits of plant-based food.

4. The FFAC plans “Green Monday” events at schools by promoting plant-based options in school cafeterias from a sustainability perspective. This strategic approach opens important doors to benefit animals.

5. The FFAC takes a holistic approach, tailoring their information to relate to a variety of issues – such as sustainability, social justice, public health, and government and economics so they’re able to reach a much wider range of audiences. As a result, they have spoken to hundreds of schools and community groups, businesses and non-profits, and faith communities across the county and will continue to grow with our support.

The FFAC also has impressive goals. They want to empower people across the world to educate their communities about the impacts of our food choices. They plan on launching more regional chapters and making it as easy as possible for people to give presentations by providing online training resources and materials. The leadership team is highly intelligent, committed to conducting and using research, and constantly explores strategies to maximize the organization’s impact.

The FFAC has a double matching offer for December. In other words, for every $5 your donate, the FFAC will receive $15! That’s awesome!

Let’s show the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition team how much we appreciate everything they do to make the world a more humane place for animals by empowering them to do even more.

Click here to donate $5 directly to the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition. Thank you for participating in $5 Friday.

Remember to list your donation and the amount in the comments section below so we can track our total. Thank you!


10 thoughts on “$5 Friday Pick: Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

  1. I donated $5US to this week’s $5 Friday, the FFAC. Such a great idea, such a great organization. I was especially touched by the story of the 24 school children who all refused their milk after viewing a presentation. After all, cows’ milk is for baby cows. 😄

  2. I donated $50 to the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition and I’ve signed up to be a volunteer! I was also especially touched by the story of the 24 school children who all refused their milk after viewing a presentation.
    Thanks for introducing FFAC to me, Andrew. I had never heard of them until now.

    1. Hello Christine!

      Thank you for your enormously generous donation to the FFAC! That was so kind of you to take the time to support this effective animal advocacy organization!

      Your $50 is going to be doubled and donated so your $50 earns the FFAC $150! That’s amazing news! Thank you!

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