Heido Ho Plant-Based Cheeze


Company: Heido Ho
Food: Plant-based cheese
Product: Ne Chevre — PURE (Red Label)
Website: http://www.heidiho.com/

Description: Ne Chevre means “No Goat” in French. This is a delicious live culture cashew cheeze made from simple plant-based ingredients. It is like a goat cheese without the goat. Pairs well with white wine, grapes, walnuts, and spicy jams.

Ingredients: Organic Cashews, Water, Sea Salt, Organic Lemon, Live Cultures, Organic Nutritional Yeast, Citric Acid. Made with no soy, gluten, or dairy.

Ratings (1=worst – 10=best)
Taste: 10
Texture: 10
Similarity to animal-based version: 10
Comparison to other plant-based versions: 10
Reasons to avoid animal-based milk/cheese: Click here (graphic)


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