How to Stop Sucking at Life

Artist Liu Qiang’s thought-provoking masterpiece illustrates people’s disturbing addiction to cows’ milk and the anguish it causes these good-natured animals.

Contrast Qiang’s troubling statue with plant-based milks that provide millions of compassionate and eco- and health-conscious people with a delicious alternative. Plant-based milks don’t require exploitation, deprivation, and suffering and they work equally as well in cereal, smoothies, cookies, and other foods.

Why doesn’t everyone drink plant-based milk instead of cows’ milk? The animal agriculture industry convinced people they need cows’ milk to maintain optimal health and have until recent years done a masterful job concealing what happens behind the closed doors of their factories. You may be inspired to think for yourself after learning the truth about milk.

To end your dependence on cows’ milk, complete these three steps:
1) Watch this calf drinking his mother’s milk. Every time you drink a cow’s
milk, her baby calf is not.
2) Watch what happens to these cows to provide you with their milk.
3) Decide which scenario you want to support. Still not convinced? Watch this video of dairy workers sexually abusing the cows that provide your milk.

calf drinking milk

If you’re drinking cows’ milk, you’re sucking at life–the life of confined, abused, and slaughtered cows. If you want to stop sucking at life, drink plant-based milk. It’s that simple.

9 thoughts on “How to Stop Sucking at Life

  1. I drink soy milk and would never buy cow’s milk. I cried while watching the video where the cows were abused in New York. All I can do is sign petitions and hope that they make a difference. It’s so disgusting to see people abusing animals.

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