A Companion’s Goodbye

This poem is dedicated to every person and animal who have ever shared an unbreakable and unforgettable bond. I hope it brings you comfort and lifts your spirits. This poem is also dedicated to my first dog Marshmallow, a Bedlington Terrier. She came to live with us when I was two years old and she passed away when I was 15. I still think about her.


Andrew and Marshmallow

“A Companion’s Goodbye”
by Andrew Kirschner

I remember the first time we met,
We looked at each other, and we were set.
I jumped in your car, so happy to be found,
Arrived at my new home, rolled all over the ground.

You saved my life, gave me a bed,
Put food in my bowl, and scratched my head.
You took me out, showed me around,
You were so proud of who you found.

I hope you know, I felt the same way,
I appreciated you from the first day.
You gave up a lot to take care of me,
Woke up many nights so I could mark a tree.
Cleaned my cage, gave me my meds,
Let me sleep in all the beds.
I loved all my silly nicknames,
your funny faces, and crazy games.

You let me smell the grass and flowers,
Shielded me from summer showers.
You dried me off when I was wet,
When I was sick, took me to the vet.

You gave me hugs, you threw the ball,
You chased me and picked me up when I’d fall.
You took me for walks, and to the park,
You put up with me, even when I would bark.

I often heard you say, I’m your best friend,
And that you would be with me until the end.
You kept that promise, I knew you would.
You did everything that you could.

And now that I’m gone, I want you to know,
You were my best friend too, from the get-go.
You gave me the best life any animal ever had,
And now, I don’t want you to be sad.

We always knew it would come to an end,
But you will always be my best friend.
Don’t worry that I didn’t understand,
I saw you there holding my hand
When it was time to say goodbye,
And I saw you cry.

I know how much you loved me,
You told me every day.
You picked me up and held me,
And showed me in every way.
You had nothing left to prove, we had nothing left to do,
We had the time of our lives, there were no toys left to chew.

There is nothing more you could have done,
If I had it to do over again, again you’d be the one,
The one I’d select, the one I’d hold most dear,
Please don’t shed another tear.

Let’s remember our hugs, how I smelled after a bath,
Let’s remember our kisses, and how I made you laugh.
Remember me looking out the window when I was alone,
Sitting by the door, waiting for you to come home.
And how happy you made me, when we snuggled up,
It was such a good life, the best for any pup.
You won’t forget me, and I won’t forget you,
We were meant for each other, that is true.

Sometimes life would get you down,
And I would lick your face, and wipe away your frown.
Picture that now, me nestled on your lap, smile again,
I’ll always be with you, my best friend.
Pick yourself up and go for a walk,
I’ll be by your side, I’ll listen while you talk.

Just promise me, you will be all right,
Think of the times we shared, when you sleep at night.
I will miss you as much as you miss me,
But our love will last for eternity.

We did all there was to do together
And that memory will last us both forever.
I love you as much as you love me,
And that, my best friend, will always be.


42 thoughts on “A Companion’s Goodbye

  1. Oh!, my dear Andrew, you have melted my heart (the one I found when I became a vegan at 13).
    Your parents must be so proud…they did a brilliant job raising you.
    jt (judy tiberi a fellow vegan for 46 years).

  2. Wonderful, Andrew. Thank you so much for writing and sharing your poem. It brings back so many memories for me. My parents got me a chihuahua when I was in the 3rd grade – Winky Dink started me on a life of loving animals! He was everything to me – my best friend, my confidant, my sleeping partner and my reason for becoming the person I am today. I will re-read your poem many times as I think of all the dogs I’ve known and loved and lost in my lifetime.

  3. So beautiful and moving, thanks for sharing! It brings to mind every dog I’ve ever loved, each is such a gift. My grandmother’s three poodles Jo, Nina, Sam, and my aunt’s dog Shaggy were the first dogs I ever loved, when I was a child. Those who make this connection as a child receive a special gift and understanding at an early age…of the beauty, dignity, divinity and rich emotional life of our non-human animal companions, dogs and every living creature.

  4. Sooo exceptionally beautiful. Miss my babies = all that I have ever shared any time with sooo much!!

  5. I am sitting here in my local library crying my eyes out. what a beautiful poem from a beautiful person (without knowing you personally but i think your actions ,open heart and generoures sharing give some hints )


  6. Absolutely every word is exactly how we feel about them as much as we wish they feel about us. This poem is so beautiful and you kept the promise to us, is the real feeling we all get when we loose a pet friend. thank you Andrew, thank you!

  7. As I sit here with my little girls (poodles) crying tears that are coming from my heart…I am so blessed to have the girls…thank you for sharing.

  8. Couldn’t have been better said than that! It reminds me of my first true animal soulmate, my husky “Little Mischief.” Whose nickname was, coincidentally enough “Marshmellow.” We found each other and were inseparable for 13 short years. We shared everything, including the same thoughts! If I were a dog, she would be it! I wasn’t whole without her, and she helped me get through some terribly rough times. It was meant to be! I miss her terribly, but she is still with me. In my thoughts and every now and then she visits me in my dreams! I was truly blessed! And now, there’s “Meeko,” who is thirteen, and the beautiful journey will continue on and on and on….until my days are done.

  9. Andrew your poemso touched my heart.From the age of five it started for me his name was kipper.A beautiful Golden Retreiver he was my best friend.We played dress up and dolls I would dress him up in my brothers t-shirts and called him in my big stroller carriage.When he got sick my heart hurt so bad.My parents didn’t know it would hit me so bad.From that point in my life I have loved two other beautiful babies.One a Black Lab mix Champ,and my beagle Sabastian.They both passed from 2 different types of cancer.I did everything possible to make there last days comfortable.Now I have my baby Jordan each is so diffeent in so many ways.This one is small and like my others so spoiled.Jordan’s bad habit is he loves cartoons.Just like kids.Your poem will stay with me for ever.It’s such a wonderful tribute to the love you and all of us show our pets who are really family.What true love is.Thank you s
    so much for sharing.,

  10. So beautiful, made me cry. Made me think of my first dog Tippy. My parents got him a year before I was born. He was my big brother, my protector, my playmate, my best friend. He endured tea parties and dress up patiently and willingly. He protected me when I played out in the yard by myself, my parents knew they didn’t have to worry about me. He watched me from the foot of their bed as I slept in my crib, and would go tell my mom if I whimpered in my sleep. He lived to be 13, we had to let him go when I was 12 because he had a stroke. I remember laying with him, crying a river of tears into his long, silky fur. He was my first lesson in unconditional love. And your beautiful poem made me think of my smart, handsome Domino. Domino was my first dog as an adult. He was my children’s first dog, was my 18 year old’s 12th birthday present. We lost him in June to lymphoma and again I cried a river of tears into his beautiful black and white coat. We were all with him as a family as we let him go, telling him how much we love him and that it was okay to let go. He was such a strong, smart, athletic, willing to please boy. He loved his people, the ultimate people dog. Thank you for your beautiful poem. It is a lovely tribute to Marshmallow and all our lost beloved furbabies.

  11. Very, Very touching Andrew. I have been blessed to have had animals all my life and I have to say each time I lose one it is so heartbreaking. Thank you for reminding me of all the good times. With love from Wyoming.

  12. Andrew, this is such a beautiful poem. It brought to mind my German Shepherd, Ruff, who lived to be 13. He was such a good companion and friend. I think of him often, and pass his grave almost every day. Thank you for your poem.

  13. We recently lost our 10 year old Labrador Retriever and this poem brought me comfort , he will always be a part of our life he touched everyone’s heart that came in contact with he I know now was a angel given to us. So if you don’t mind this is dedicated to my Max

  14. Andrew, the poem was beautiful. It took me back to a German Shepherd, Ruff, who lived to be thirteen. He was such a good dog and friend. I will always remember him and the good times that we had. I have had dogs since then, but he was so special. Thank you for your poem.

  15. Your poem is what it’s all about…loving each other, unconditionally…I just adopted my current canine companion about 2 months ago (she was a yr old when we met), and we’re fast friends…not sure my feline, Li’l Lema quite agrees, but she’s coming around…I hope they’ll become fast friends, too…thanks for a remarkable poem…

  16. I have had so many good family members both animals and humans and lost one of both the first part of this year, first my husband then my last rescue dog, we both loved him ,but he grieved over my husband until I lost him but I know their together and neither are hurting any more to my loves, it just made me cry all the words and comments, your poems words I cried all the way through as I read it the more memories it brought back thank you for bring them back to me at 62 it made my heart warm.It was a good feeling,Thanks

  17. What a beautiful Poem, it says it all . We just lost our little Coco September 8,13 . She was a cockerpoo . I got her when she was 6 weeks old ,it was love at first sight. They said she was the runt of the litter . I don’t no about the rest but I no she had to be the smartest of them all. Life
    was tough for her . At a very young age of 5 she lost one eye to Glacoma and a year later she lost the other eye, How we cryed because our baby couldn’t see us any more. Our hearts broke, But she was a little storm trooper, you would have neaver known she couldn’t see, she played with her toys and had no problem walking threw the house ,she new just where everything was. She owned our hearts ,she loved the out doors we use to take her to the park and sit in the grass so she could feel the wind blow on her face everyday during the summer, And she went on a dailey ride so she could stick her head out the window to feel the wind. She wasn’t spoiled she was just loved with all we had to give. Than at the age of 13 she got sick with a cough, for a year she fought and we didn’t spare a dime to try to get her better ,she was our baby, we would have given all we had to keep her but God took her home to be with him. Coco I hope you no how very much we miss and love you !

  18. i’m now crying my eyes out, thinking of my boys Tippy and Gizmo, brothers years gone now, but not forgotten….never forgotten!! they were all i had through very tough times and they got me threw. i have 3 now and by fate and a pretty good story 2 are brothers, Munch and Crunch. i like to think two mischievous guys had a paw or two in that. lol i also have a third boy rescued from a hoarder named Buddy. i love my spoiled, rotten boys, past and present.

  19. Lost my best friend, Cisco, at the end of July, This brought tears to my eyes. Have since broken my hip & am rather incapacitated, relegated to the sleep sofa downstairs, but Cisco’s ashes are by my side as I sleep. Thank you!

  20. Thank you for the wonderful poem! I’ve had several dogs and this poem fits everyone of them. I loved them all. They all had their own personalities. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about them. Again thank you for that poem.

  21. I just lost my 18 year old Rat Terrier on September 14, 2013. My birthday is 9/22 and I received her as a birthday present 18 years ago. She was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in June 2013 and made it 3 more months. She was the sweetest and best dog anyone could want ever! I have many memories but the pain is still new. I miss her terribly. This poem made me cry because it was absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for this beautiful poem. I will print it out and keep it and read it in the next few weeks, months or how ever long it takes to ease the pain of my loss of my precious SUGAR! Thank you.

  22. This poem couldn’t be more beautiful, couldn’t have said it better.
    Recently I lost my pom of eight years, Sasha. She was full of personality and there was never a moment in my life that I looked at her and didn’t think she was beautiful. Instantly made me happy just to watch her play and to hold her. I lost her to caner, hemangiosarcoma. Every line in your poem describes our life together and going together through everything, including our last moments. She knows how much I love her and I hope she sees how much I miss her. Her ashes are next to me.
    Like others said…unconditional love.

    1. My tears are still on my cheeks and the ache is still in my heart from such a beautfiul poem and remembering my sweet, sweet, animals that have passed on…until we all meet again….remember I love you. Mom

  23. Oh my gracious!! we had to say good bye to our sweet Titus a German Shepard Lab we enjoyed, loved, hugged and rubbed belly for almost 11 years it was the hardest thing we ever had to do and this poem was good although hard to read because the tears are so thick helped me a lil bit


  25. I just lost my black lab / rottweiler today. Maxwell was just 13 and had a tumor that was inoperable. We could tell he was starting to get pain, so we took him in to our vet and had him put to sleep. My wife & I are STILL crying. He was the smartest, most loving dog I ever had the good luck to have as my own since I got him at just 5 weeks old. Your poem really helps now that I don’t have him. Thank you!

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