The First American Citizen Arrested Under an “Ag Gag” Law Tells Her Shocking Story


Amy Meyer was arrested and charged with violating Utah’s new “Ag Gag” bill that makes it illegal for citizens to record the abuse of animals in order to hide the truth about these atrocities from the American people. You can learn more about “Ag Gag” bills by listening to my recent interview with Paul Shapiro, the HSUS Vice-President of Farm Animal Protection.

Here is the shocking story of what happened outside of Dale T. Smith and Sons Meat Packing Company in Amy Meyer’s own words:

“I visited the Smith Meatpacking Slaughterhouse in Draper, Utah because I have heard numerous reports that any bystander standing on the public thoroughfare could witness the horror of cows struggling for their lives as they were led to their violent deaths. What I saw was upsetting, to say the least. Cows being led inside the building struggled to turn around once they smelled and heard the misery that awaited them inside. I saw piles of horns scattered around the property and flesh being spewed from a chute on the side of the building. I also witnessed what I believe to be a clear act of cruelty to animals – a live cow who appeared to be sick or injured being carried away from the building in a tractor, as though she were nothing more than rubble.

At all times while I documented this cruelty, I remained on public property. I never once crossed the barbed wire fence that exists to demarcate private and public property. I told this to the police who were on the scene.

I am shocked and disappointed that I am being prosecuted by Draper City simply for standing on public property and documenting horrific animal abuse while those who perpetrated these acts are free to continue maiming and killing animals.

It is my understanding that the Mayor of Draper co-owns this slaughterhouse.”

-Amy Meyer

Every movement throughout history reaches a tipping point when events so significantly outrage the citizenry that they are compelled to act. That time is now. American citizen Amy Meyer goes to court in Utah on May 23. Her crime was compassion. If convicted of filming the abuse of cows on a factory farm with her phone while standing on public property under the state’s new Ag Gag law, Amy faces up to six months in jail. The charge alone should concern every American citizen who believes in the U.S. Constitution and American jurisprudence. On behalf of every animal who desperately needs our help and heroes like Amy Meyer who want the public to know the truth, please do not allow this abuse of animals, our legal system, and the people’s right to know.

Please call Utah Governor Herbert and express your support for Amy Meyer and animal slaughterhouse transparency.
Phone: (800) 705-2464

Draper, Utah Mayor Darrell Smith
Phone: (801) 576-6513

Draper, Utah City Prosecutor Ben Rasmussen
Phone: (801) 576-6545

Members of the Utah legislature

Please call the Dale T. Smith and Sons Meat Packing Company and express your disapproval of their mistreatment of animals and their decision to press charges.
Phone: (801) 571-3611

*Click here to listen to my radio interview with Amy Meyer.

4/30/13 Update
The Draper prosecutor dropped all charges against Amy Meyer today. Thank you for sharing Amy’s story and for the massive and prompt response to this case. Please continue to call Dale T. Smith and Sons Meat Packing Company to determine what action they plan on taking against the employee(s) who perpetrated the alleged act of cruelty against animals that Amy recorded and the Draper City Prosecutor Ben Rasmussen to ask him to bring the employee(s) up on charges for abusing animals.


142 thoughts on “The First American Citizen Arrested Under an “Ag Gag” Law Tells Her Shocking Story

  1. How else do you suppose you move a 1500-2000 pound animal if it can’t move itself? Tractor dummies

    1. Maybe you can get 10-20 tree huggers out there to move the cow. Make sure you eat you’re pita bread!!! You will need your strength

      1. Bob-you should check out this video before you make dumb statements like the above!

        All animals feel pain, have the ability to love, suffer and don’t deserve to be treated like shit. If you have a cat or dog, I know you wouldn’t allow him or her to be mistreated.

    2. Granted Bob, slaughterhouses refer to them as, “downed cow” & happens all the time. These animals are packed & transported like any other inanimate commodity. Perhaps it was weaker, not or not in competitive prime health to begin with when forceably brutalized to get into jammed transport carrier with panicked others. May have been trampled, packed like sardines in a can, during days of travel in overheated container with total deprivation of food & water.
      Everybody’s just doing their job along the line, nobody to notice, “Gee, this poor beast doesn’t look well” & if they did, would just keep doing their job. The first person to really HAVE to take note is slaughterhouse recipient, who would be ticked off at receiving damaged merchadise that will cost money to dispose of.
      Realistically, is vet going to get this animal back onto it’s feet to be able to walk to slaughter? Better to tractor it like a mound of dirt to eventually die, so at least can be sold for rendering.
      Your point about tractor is well taken, though minute in the whole scenario. No offense.

  2. No animal should suffer in any way ….especially when being processed ..there should be proper regulations and should be adhered to companies and employees alike. or shut down immediately…any company that has closed door policy or is afraid of public viewing has a problem

  3. Read this article with great compassion.
    But still wanted to tell You that I wrote a book about CAFOs, pigs in CAFOs,
    showing the cultural, pschological, philosophical etc. Background of
    eating “MEAT”…Wrote about relationship between violence at slaughterhouse
    and violence against humans. Told about Agonie in CAFOs, about Violation
    of all laws for animals, all this and much more – but all in German language.
    But if You have time, take a look unto that blog:
    To fight for rights has to include us all, children, animals, Environment, universe ….
    Dr. Annamaria Grabowski
    with my best regards

    1. Disagree that other issues such as “children’s rights” should be tacked onto slaughterhouse cruelty issue & the plight of pigs which deserves singular attention, sans “related” issues.
      Agree that the ugliness of human species is their violence toward each other & all living things but that’s unique to this species since the day they were placed on this Earth, remains & always will.

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