Will You Do More For Les?

It’s the final day of our fundraiser to save the lives of animals at the South Florida Wildlife Center. Thanks to the generosity of our global community of compassion, we’ve raised more than $5,000 — a powerful reply to Squirrel Slam. Perhaps the story of Les the goose will inspire you to support the cause if you haven’t already.

Les was badly injured by an arrow. The arrow caused a deep and terrible wound, broke his large wing bone, and severely damaged his humerus. The South Florida Wildlife Center performed emergency surgery on him, stabilizing his fracture and cleaning his wound. He survived. This is Les.


After weeks of treatment, they took Les off medications and moved him outside to be with his geese friends. Your donations make it possible to provide this kind of life-saving treatment and medication for Les and thousands of other animals every year. This is Les with his friends.


I’m presenting the dedicated vets and staff at the South Florida Wildlife Center with a check tomorrow to help them continue providing critical care to thousands of animals every year like they did for Les. Every dollar you donate will help them serve the cause of saving animals’ lives. You can click this link for more information on the fundraiser or to make a donation. Thank you for your support.


3 thoughts on “Will You Do More For Les?

  1. Thank you for sharing. I am unable to contribute financially but I am really wanting to go vegan again. I tried for a few months and succumbed to cheese. I hate that I eat animal products.

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