What’s the Difference Between a Cow’s Milk and Plant-Based Milk?

Are you still drinking milk from a cow? Here are some reasons to make the switch.

The major differences between plant-based milk and cows’ milk is that to make plant-based milk, nobody has to confine a cow in her own feces, force her to live with painful mastitis, prevent her from nursing her babies, artificially inseminate her, treat her like a machine, pump her full of steroids and antibiotics, pollute the environment with her waste, and increase CO2 emissions to make it.

Plant-based milk also doesn’t cause heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and diabetes or contain remnants of blood, urine, and pus like cows’ milk. It does contain antioxidant-rich ingredients that lower your LDL-cholesterol, prevent diabetes, and reduce your risk of heart disease. Other than that, cows’ milk and plant-based milk are the same.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a healthy and compassionate heart–literally. Make the switch.

Drinking a cow’s milk is indefensible. Drinking plant-based milk is enjoyable, humane, and healthy. If you think before you drink, you will never drink cows’ milk again.


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