My Letter to an Offensive Radio Station

November 21, 2012

Dear Mr. Bonadonna,

While listening to your radio station today, I heard your DJ state, “Paul McCartney said we should all eat tofu for Thanksgiving. The last time I checked, the Pilgrims didn’t land in Liverpool so you don’t get a say.” It was a pre-recorded, station-approved message played on a loop.

Is mindless jingoism and mocking compassion for animals the norm at your station or something you reserve for the holidays? Your station motto, “103.5 SHE PLAYS EVERYTHING” apparently includes the playing of offensive messages. If you read this story, I’m certain you will regret approving the remark and issue an apology to your listeners who advocate for kindness to animals. You should also consider praising celebrities such as Paul McCartney who volunteers his time to advocate for the most defenseless among us.

Paul McCartney didn’t tell people to eat tofu for Thanksgiving; he asked them not to eat turkeys. Tofu is the default response of defensive carnivores who aim to devalue plant-based foods by portraying veganism as nothing more than sitting down to eat plates of tofu when there are thousands of delicious, cruelty-free foods to eat.

I hope you will show more sensitivity to the plight of confined, abused, and slaughtered animals in the future, especially considering you broadcast in South Florida, the home of thousands of thoughtful animal rights activists, vegetarians, and vegans.


Andrew Kirschner

If you would to share your thoughts with Joe Bonadonna, the 103.5 SHE Program Director, you can email him at


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