7 thoughts on “Meat Eaters Discuss Making the Transition to Vegetarian Food on Kirschner’s Korner Radio

  1. Excellent call-in, Andrew!!!!!!!! I am a vegetarian bordering on going over to vegan……still having that “fight” with a little dairy and wild caught Alaskan salmon..:-))))) What I really like about you is even tho u r a vegan, you do not judge people who have not made that transition yet! Unfortunately far too many vegans do and it can turn prospective vegetarians/vegans away! Support is the word.not judgement….Thank you,Andrew!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Betty,

      Thank you for your comments. I appreciate everything you’re doing to make the transition. Have you tried almond, hemp, or other plant-based milks? They’re delicious!

      Keep up the good work! You have my full support.


      1. Ha Ha …..Milk isn’t the issue.Haven’t drunk milk for years……it’s……………….
        Activia yogurt…. Hahahahaha… and sour cream….and yes, I have been drinking soy milk, but recently I went to get my 1/2 gallon of supermarket brand of soy milk and they were out, and I refuse to drink SILK products as they contain PALM OIL, so I bought almond milk since I had never tasted it before….Very good…a little sweeter than I thought it wold be…but good! Will continue to buy it! Thank you for your response and input and I will look at the vid ASAP!!! I will continue my path……my “process” as I call it…..Looking forward to your next post!!!!

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