To the “Monsters” Opposed to Gaga’s Fur Coats


August 18, 2012

Dear Monsters,

I recently wrote a letter to Lady Gaga when I learned she wore fur. Unfortunately, Gaga’s response indicates she values fashion over compassion. She does not appear ready to take responsibility for her actions or to set an example of kindness to animals for her millions of fans. I have confidence she will eventually do the right thing as public pressure mounts. I’m heartened to see so many fans express their concern and prioritize mercy for animals over music for monsters.

Let’s turn Gaga’s bad decision to support fur into a positive for animals and unite for this important cause. Gaga is just an entertainer. She doesn’t have to be your role model. You can be a role model for others by showing them how much you care about animals. As the old adage reminds us, “We can’t all be famous, but we can all be great.”

You might not even realize that you’re also contributing to the abuse of animals. Did you know that chickens, pigs, cows, and turkeys in factory farms suffer a similar experience as dogs, rabbits, mink, and foxes in fur farms? Please consider trying 30 Ways in 30 Days: A Guide to Compassionate Living and show Lady Gaga if she won’t lead by example, you will.

On behalf of the animals,

Andrew Kirschner


7 thoughts on “To the “Monsters” Opposed to Gaga’s Fur Coats

  1. I find it impossible to “have confidence she will eventually do the right thing”. Lady Gaga does not care about this kind of “public pressure,” because it is just vegan pressure. She has made her feelings clear about fur and about the vegan community. We already knew how little she respect she has for vegans from when she wore the meat dress on Ellen. I imagine we’ve all had obnoxious meat-loving friends or family wave meat at us to upset and provoke us. To me, this is nothing less than bigotry. These people rarely becoming anything more than “tolerant,” while still making cracks at veganism every chance they get.

    Re: “Gaga is just an entertainer. She doesn’t have to be your role model. You can be a role model for others by showing them how much you care about animals. As the old adage reminds us, ‘We can’t all be famous, but we can all be great.'” I agree completely, but I’d take it further and say that we have the power to challenge the status quo. Nowadays, artists are only as famous as the public is vocal. Every tweet and blog post and open letter concerning Lady Gaga reinforces her fame. There is no such thing as bad publicity; indeed, Lady Gaga seems to on it. If the time and energy it takes to denounce non-vegans were used constructively to support and promote vegan artists, there could be more vegan role models on the scene.

    1. Hi Stephan,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You made some interesting points. I appreciate your concern.

      There are thousands of anti-fur comments on Gaga’s page and I suspect millions of fans disappointed in her support of fur. I don’t think those people are all animal rights activists or vegans.

      I understand your argument about publicity but I disagree that all publicity is good publicity. That’s popular opinion but it’s not always true.

      I promote vegan artists, authors, athletes, activists, and others often.

      Thank you for your comments.

  2. I left a message on gaga’s page..I used to have some respect for her, sadly that is the past and I hope she gets that ” ping ” of realization of what shes doing soon.
    I love your views, your blog and you inspire me..thank you.

  3. I might be being ignorant in saying this, but I’d rather wear fur then fake fur – so tacky…

    Don’t get me wrong animal rights are very important, but our society doesn’t see it like that. Most humans don’t even respect themselves: smoking, drug abuse, domestic abuse, child abuse, bullying, the litany of crimes, and environment abuse (did I coin a new form of abuse or…?) Lets be realistic, until everyone develops a fundamental respect for themselves and immediate environment, then and possibly only then will all other things come. The age old saying that you can’t heal other’s until you heal yourself, or the secular, you can’t help other’s if you can’t help yourself.

    1. Hi Darian,

      Thank you for being honest and sharing your thoughts. I understand you don’t want to wear tacky clothing. I feel the same way. That’s why I wear very cool vegan clothing. There are so many cruelty-free choices.

      Have you considered wearing something other than fur that looks nice but isn’t made from an animal? Here are some examples:

      Also, please consider that society shouldn’t dictate what you do. I applaud you for stating that animal rights are important. I agree. That’s why I respect them even though some people in our society do not. Everything you do matters. While your individual decisions won’t save the lives of every animal, they will save the lives of many animals and that matters to those animals.

      Please consider watching this video on the fur industry:

      Thank you again for participating in the discussion and keeping an open mind.



      1. Hi Andrew,

        I myself share many beliefs that may be considered vegan. For example the food industry, it’s scary to know that basically everything in the supermarkets come from 3-4 major suppliers, and they all are in cohorts on strategies to minimise there costs, and maximise profits. it’s scary but where else can we turn? If we can’t trust the food in our fridge or on the shelves in the store what can we trust? I have no faith in labels that want $1 more because they say they are organic

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