South Florida Activists Protest the U.S. Military’s Cruel Experiments on Animals

Even though this protest occurred during the day due to the timing of the military conference, it didn’t stop dedicated South Florida activists from showing up to voice their opposition to the military’s cruel trauma training on thousands of animals. In fact, some of these volunteers took the day off from work so they could tell the military what they think about their conduct unbecoming. Now that’s inspiring!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this event. You are all heroes for animals. It was an honor to stand by your side. You raised awareness and sent an unmistakable message to the U.S. military that they should use more effective humane non-animal simulators. Special thanks to PETA for the signs, leaflets, and logistical support.

Even if you weren’t able to attend the event, you can still help save animals’ lives by contacting Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta at to urge him and the DoD to replace the use of animals in military trauma training with superior non-animal methods.

Highlights of the Protest
1. Many passersby honked their horns and gave protestors thumbs up as they drove by and saw the signs.
2. The protestors did an outstanding job handing out leaflets informing people about military practices and humane testing alternatives.
3. The protestors held signs in front of buses of researchers and military personnel leaving the conference in uniform. They got the message!
4. Hundreds of cars passed the busy intersection and saw the protestors’ signs.
5. The protestors were professional, courteous, passionate, and effective in their advocacy for animals.
6. A researcher from the conference came out to speak with protestors and told them he supports the protest. He told them he is aware of the military’s mistreatment of animals and that he does not support it. Further, he stated that he will continue to try to persuade the military to use effective non-animal testing methods and that the use of animals is unnecessary. This provided the protestors with a huge morale boost!

Here are a few pictures of the dedicated volunteer activists in action:

Special thanks to the Fort Lauderdale police for respecting the protestors’ First Amendment right to speak out against the abuse of animals.

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