Lady Gaga: The Animals On Your Fur Coat Were Not “Born This Way”


August 12, 2012

Dear Lady Gaga,

Many people are disheartened and bewildered to learn of your continued support of the fur industry even after you’ve been made aware that animals on fur farms are caged and deprived of everything that’s natural to them before dying unthinkable deaths. How can you in good conscience be a reputable voice for the oppressed LGBT community and bullied children while making an informed decision to support the senseless killing of defenseless animals on fur farms.

It’s my understanding you call your fans “monsters.” By wearing a $24,000 coat made of rabbits’ fur, you become a literal monster. Animals on fur farms are electrocuted, crushed, poisoned, bludgeoned, and skinned alive. This is a fur farm. Your new Armani fur coat made of tortured rabbits is talking to you. Please listen to it speak.

Your decision to wear fur has given your songs new meaning. You’ve left millions of compassionate people “Speechless.” If you believe fur is justified to make a fashion statement, “You and I” are very different people. Please stop wearing animals’ “Hair.” “Eh, Eh, Nothing Else I Can Say.”

The animal rights community and compassionate people throughout the world are ready to embrace your decision to shun fur.  You stated you want to create a “new culture of kindness, bravery, acceptance and empowerment.” Now is your opportunity to marry your words with your actions. Please renounce your decision to wear fur and send a message to your millions of fans that there is nothing cool about being cruel.


On behalf of the rabbits on your coat,

Andrew Kirschner


17 thoughts on “Lady Gaga: The Animals On Your Fur Coat Were Not “Born This Way”

  1. Please walk the walk mademoiselle Gaga..your words about creating a ”new culture of kindness, bravery, acceptance and empowerment.” sound ridicule now and so fake when we see you wearing such a product of shame and cruelty on your back. Words are easy…actions take courage. Kudos to you Andrew for the letter.

  2. Lady Gaga says those things just to get attention and fans. Its all marketing and PR. She is not sincere, as the episode has pointed out.

  3. What else can we expect from an ignorant jewish who found her way to fame through wowing a naive audience with her ridiculuos garments and outfits. This is one characteristic of this era. Ignorance.

    1. Shes not jewish, she’s italian, what difference does that make any way, wearing fur is wrong no matter who or what you are, don’t make this sn ethnic thing, it an animal cruelty thing!!!!!!!

  4. THANK YOU ANDREW for speaking up, your words could not be better expressed. I hope Lady Gaga can make a change and stand up for what it means to be genuinely kind and compassionate to ALL creatures on earth. Why stand up for the rights of one but not the other? Her tactics make no sense.

  5. lady gaga u are not real them daft outfits and hats are awful and so are you , why do you need to wear real fur who do you think you are you must know the suffering that goes on but you choose to ignore just heartless

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