Shocking Things People Say About Farm Animals

I took this photo to help people think more critically about the individuals they eat. People recently shared the image on social media, providing others an opportunity to comment on it. I copied and pasted a verbatim sampling of responses below from one of the threads.

The comments provide insight into the challenges animal advocates face inspiring people to stop eating animals. The indifference to suffering offers a sobering view of how some people think about animals. Misinformation also abounds. Animal advocates should use these remarks to fuel them to new heights of advocacy.

People’s Reactions to the Photo
omfg thats why god put them on earth? durr

Read The Bible Please. God put Cows, and Chickens on this Earth For a reason, Its called, mate them, let them grow, mate them again, kill them, eat them…its a never ending process

women who eat only veggies n no meat will NEVER have an ass or have breast larger than a kids A sry but the truth hurts

if her family loved her how’d she end up at a slaughter house,

plus they dont have feelings xP the only animals that actually get sad over a death are dogs (give them a week theyll get over it) and an elephantsbesides them its a hinderance to feel emotions besides the basic fight or flight

LMFAO AHAA thats hilarious well you know what i love her too and so does my belly lmao

im a meat eater. and i chose to be so on. but i stand by, eating animals is not wrong. but making them suffer is. if done quickly and if not caged and abused before death there is nothing wrong with using their flesh to keep ourselves alive.

She might be cute … But she’s even cuter in my tummy

humans need protein to survive. it’s what makes up our dna, it’s unfortunate that animals must die in order to feed other animals such as ourselves, but it’s the way nature intended it. it’s not cruel, it’s natural. her death wont be in vain because she will feed a family. cows, are just cows. they’re not people, they dont think the way we do. dont make this something that its not

My digestive system don’t care about that cow. And if this cow had a family, what was the cows name? No name.? not important enough to care. I will enjoy u.

Are you saying are lives are equal to cows? SERIOUSLY?!?! I’m sorry… We’re humans I thought we were intelligent…

Cows don’t have family. Once their calves grow up the moms try to kill them, they step on them and bite them and if it weren’t for farmers all of the cows would be dead.

Sorry guys, I like my essential amino acids. If someone offers me a steak I sure as fuck am not going to turn it down lol.

It’s the circle of life, what do you think happens to animals in the wild that man can’t protect , ??? Thank god that human’s are not running around trying to eat you

FYI there are cruelty free slaughter houses. If anyone has seen the movie Temple Grandin you will know. And as for cows, certain ones are bred and raised only as livestock and treated well up until their time comes. it’s a way to make a living, survival, and keep methane levels in the air low. (cows produce large amounts of this deadly gas) an if you feel so bad, make a prayer and thank the cow for its sacrifice before eating it and pray that it didn’t suffer. Because humans are omnivores and not eating meat won’t stop them from being used as only steak sources.

I feel bad for the cow but I love hamburger and chicken. I am sorry. I just wish that they were killed in a MORE humane way. Such is life!

trust me once youve gotten licked by those things *eyetwitch* you want them to die *shivers* so slimey ;-; but if humans never made the leep from foraging to savagers of meat we would still be swinging in tree. the meat made it possible for our brains to evolve into the problem solving tool making people we are today. xP

i was raised on meat sad to say but I don’t kill them personally, I can’t deny. I love veggies too and hey I eat what was given. I feel bad but god made the cycle for us to survive, I don’t kill animals theres a difference.

Every animal has a purpose, whether it be to live long and be fruitfull, or feed another animal. good luck getting a lion or tiger or dingo to listen to your corrupted logic. it doesnt matter how cute they are, it doesnt matter how long they lived, it’s their purpose that matters. believe me, i used to have a problem killing anything, but now as long as i know they didnt die for sport or in vain, as long as they’re food, it’s okay

she was a cow n i ate her she was yummy n i shit her out now shes in the sewer being cycled out……. i love writting poems

A lot of manufacturer’s dont kill their animals humanely, i admit, and something does need to be done about that, but a picture of a cow isnt going to change everyone’s mind about eating meat. she is feeding someone, isnt that the best way to die? by helping another?

the cow didn suffer my frend raised it n wen she killd it it was vary humain n it took only 1 bullet 2 the head o n its been provin that any damage 2 the brain cant be felt so the cow did not suffer my frend is an all out cowgirl

There are plenty of ways to get cancer. if you think this is the only one, you’re ignorant. if you’re strictly a veggitarian, many things can go wrong. like for example, if you give birth to a son, the end of his urethra may be formed on the tip of his genitals instead of in the proper place. meat is essential

humans can not be healthy if only eating one thing. our body need many kinds of food to live. if you only live off of air that doesnt meen you are going to be able to live without water right? same thing. no plants and we are unhealthy. no meat and we are unhealthy. think this through.

Most veggies dont have much protein and what protein you get from them, probably was a bug

not to mention do you think putting the meat industry out of business is good. lets see how many people are put outta work enter lively hoods killed the meat packers the dairy farms the SMALL dairy farms money people depend on to live. not to mention people who make the machinerary fot these farms. does anyone know how that will effevt the economy

I wouldnt want to see it killed or slaughtered but people are always gonna eat meat… If its dead cut up and on the store shelf why not eat it and keep it from going to waste and being thrown away …

Its a good thing people live in the city. You are the hunter or the hunted. Its the cycle of life. Try to tell a lion its sad to eat animals and they need to eat plants. Maybe if you eat some meat and grow a spine america wouldn’t be so weak… Remember eggplant tastes like eggplant but meat tastes like murder and murder tastes pretty god damn good

It’s a cow if we didn’t eat them they’d over populate And kill more animals by eating all the grass and making more animals starve so do you want one animal to die or thousands more man these people don’t think

Everything dies at some point and this way makes it quick and painless, they don’t even know whats happening. And this way people won’t go hungry and die. So all you animal rights people can go to Hell! Fuck animal rights people! Dumb shit mofos!

This cow could have been suicidal for all we know! So don’t go around talking like your the cow whisperer or something!!!


11 thoughts on “Shocking Things People Say About Farm Animals

  1. I cannot believe some of these comments! If you want to go by the Bible, then God gave man dominion over the animals not domination and exploitation. It is becoming more and more apparent just how intelligent other non-human beings are and they certainly are not ours to abuse and eat. As people grow in consciousness, we will be so shamed by how ignorant we were of other animals’ intelligence and wisdom. ❤

  2. This is so sad that people can think this way. They have no compassion at all! They each have their own excuse that they made up so that they don’t feel any guilt! So heart breaking they have no feelings for the animals! It’s up to us to keep fighting for our animals and save all we can!!!

  3. You really all should take a hard long hard look at yourselves. I think I have heard just about every (stupid) “excuse” for people to continue eating meat, but don’t claim to love animals and then happily participate in the gruesome, most violent deaths occurring to INNOCENT beings, who have done absolutely nothing to you. When I hear dogs (and cats) are somewhat different to cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys sounds like compartmentalising, making it “ok” to keep eating meat from these poor animals. They are all living beings. The same mentality the Nazi’ s possessed towards Jews, they were less than human, so killing them was easy, they failed to see them as equals.

    1. omg comparing people who eat meat to Nazi’s. You have totally lost the plot and this from someone who used to eat chicken feet. Hypocritical much!

  4. I am speechless in front of such stupidity, hate, religious narcissism, and plain human dumbness. Reading these offensive answers surely isn’t encouraging for vegans, vegetarians, or simply compassionate people who want things to change. While many of those answers are demonstrating a very sad lack of empathy towards gentle sentient beings as cows are, most of them are clearly meant to provoke us, make us angry, thus drifting us from the right path to a better world for animals, humans, and the environment. While it is understandable & normal to get angry and be offended by such comments, they certainly give us plenty of good reasons and fuel to keep fighting for animal rights, justice,compassion, and a more humane world, don’t they? So… Never mind the haters my beautiful friends and keep doing the right thing. You truly are amazing! 🙂

  5. Wow! Ignorance is bliss! I would like to know where in the bible it says to overbreed animals….torture them….abuse them….fill them full of chemicals and growth hormones and stick in crates barely big
    enough to stand in….to bare hundreds of babies….their whole liveslives….to continually keep them pregnant for vast milk supplies for human consumption which is both disgusting and wrong….

  6. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
    ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    We’re making progress.

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