Help Canada Make History

This is a Canadian seal pup.


Can you imagine clubbing her over the head with a hook?


It happens to hundreds of thousands of seals every year with the permission of the Canadian government so companies like Prada and Dolce & Gabbana can sell their skin and fur to consumers. In many cases, the sealers club the seals in the mouth, skull, and eyes to avoid damaging their fur.


Fortunately, Canadian Senator Mac Harb is using his voice to oppose the seal slaughter. He introduced a bill in Parliament, S-210, that will make the practice illegal. Debate of the bill will resume this fall. You can read more about his initiative on his website and send him a thank you email for leading this effort. In this video, Senator Harb explains the horrors of the seal slaughter and delivers 20,000 petitions to the Canadian Parliament in support of ending this cruel and unnecessary practice.

Why does the seal slaughter continue? Votes. The Canadian politicians want to retain support from the people who live and work in the sealing districts. Economists have demonstrated that the sealers could develop a humane industry that provides unobtrusive tours while improving economic conditions and allowing the seals to live peacefully.

Please send polite emails to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader Bob Rae, and New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair asking them to support Sen. Harb’s historic bill, S-210, that will officially end the massacre of seals. It will take less than five minutes to help save millions of seals’ lives.

One thought on “Help Canada Make History

  1. The violence against seal pups must end!!! Those of us in large numbers are horrified by the seal hunt!!!!

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