Tell Air China To Stop Shipping Primates To Their Death


Public pressure works. In previous years, it caused Delta, American, British Airways, China Southern, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, and other major airlines to refuse to ship or to stop shipping monkeys and other animals to labs for unthinkable and unnecessary experiments.


Despite repeated public requests to Air China, they continue to transport thousands of defenseless animals to U.S. laboratories where they are tortured in ways that exceed the capacity of our imagination. Air China hasn’t gotten the message yet. We must continue to urge them to end their support of the most hideous form of animal abuse until they get the message.


On Air China’s website, they specify that “Ferocious beasts shall be packed in wire cage plus double layers of wire nettings with hand rings for easy loading and unloading.” The ferocious beasts are the people who own Air China and the pilots who transport animals from their natural habitat to labs where more ferocious beasts conduct ungodly experiments on them. Air China also requires shippers to label crates, including “EXPERIMENTAL ANIMAL,” which provides irrefutable evidence they know exactly why they’re shipping these animals to the United States.

Imagine the fear in these animals’ eyes when they’re taken from their natural habitats, stuffed in small wood boxes, and flown in the dark and loud cargo holds of planes. After arriving at U.S. laboratories, these smart and sociable animals are forced into cages where they suffer from loneliness, anxiety, boredom, and depression.


It gets much worse. People masquerading as researchers shove chemical-filled tubes down their throats, infect them with deadly diseases, and cut their heads open while they’re conscious to conduct experiments on them. The English language does not contain words to describe what happens.


If you saw it happening, you wouldn’t believe it — all in the name of science, funded with your tax dollars, and all proven unnecessary given modern advancements in technology that allow us to rely on humane methods of testing. Furthermore, despite popular myth promoted by the industry that receives government funding for conducting animal experiments, animal testing is ineffective.

Please email Air China at and politely ask them to stop shipping animals to the U.S. for experimentation. Air China is a commercial airline that also transports passengers to the U.S. and Asia. Your opinion matters.

You can also help end this practice by supporting companies that do not test on animals. Look for the “cruelty-free” or “no animal testing” label on the products you buy. Thank you.

8/25/12 Update:–Air-China-Stops-Shipping-Monkeys-to-Laboratories.aspx

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