Leafleting provides the animal protection community an opportunity to share our message of compassion for animals, the environment, and human health in a non-threatening, compact, and effective way. When I tell people I’m leafleting, they often say, “I wish I had something like that where I live.” They do. You do. Anyone can leaflet. All you need to do is order the leaflets and select a day, time, and location to distribute them. You may also consider creating a Facebook leafleting page for your area or post an event on MeetUp so you can join forces with like-minded people.

Where do we get the leaflets?
You can order leaflets online from Vegan Outreach, PETA, Compassion over Killing, Mercy for Animals, Farm Sanctuary, FARM, and many other non-profit animal rights organizations.

Can we leaflet anywhere we want?
No. You are not permitted to leaflet on private property. Please contact your local City Hall to familiarize yourself with the city’s policy on the distribution of handbills. You are permitted to leaflet in public areas; however, there may be some limitations. Please check with your city’s police department to confirm locations. Ask to speak with an officer in the Code Enforcement Division.

What should we say when we hand some a leaflet?
You can start by saying “thank you” if they take the leaflet from you. Most people will take it and continue walking. If people ask you questions, you can engage them in a dialogue about the benefits of eating plant-based food for animals, the environment, and human health. Most of the leaflets explain these benefits so you can also refer them to the leaflet for more information if you’re uncomfortable discussing the topics. Be friendly and positive. Don’t expect people to make immediate transformations. Your goal is to start the process so they will further explore the issue and change. Embrace every step forward.

Where is the best place to leaflet?
The busier the place, the better. Your goal is to find foot traffic. You might try concerts, the beach, outside malls, or at public events such as art festivals.

What if we only handout 50 leaflets because the area isn’t busy?
It’s more than a numbers game. You never know who might read the leaflet and impact the movement. What if one of the people you hand the leaflet decides to make a $50,000 donation to an animal rights organization or starts their own farm sanctuary. Was it worth it? Don’t underestimate your impact.


5 thoughts on “Leafletting

  1. Hi Andrew, Your mother gave me your blog link after I told her that I became vegan after watching the documentary “Get Vegeucated” (wwww.getvegeucated.com). Everyone, who does not know what goes on behind the scenes of our industrial food production, should see this movie. I also picked up a leaflet after the movie and am spreading the message :).

    1. Thank you very much Bettina. I appreciate your note, compassion, and efforts to save animals’ lives.

      I met Marissa Wolfson, the film’s Director, when she showed Vegucated to us at last year’s Animal Rights National Conference. It is a terrific film. I will let her know you liked it.

  2. Leafleting is definitely one of the best & easiest ways to get the message of compassion front & center. We need to work to change the public’s perception of how they view farm animals. Where has compassion gone these days? Oh that’s right, it’s selective..wtf is up with that?!?! How can you have compassion for some animals but not all??? Something I will never understand! If anyone is interested, I have a number of animal rights flyers I have created for sale on my blog. 75% of proceeds are donated to animal advocacy groups.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Stacey Ann. Leaflets provide a good avenue for people to learn on their own time. Let’s stay positive and keep educating the public about animal agriculture. More and more people are changing for the better every day!

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