Conversation With Grandmother Reveals Weather

Peekskill, NY – Sixteen-year-old Jacob Cantor called his grandmother Freida in Port St. Lucie, Florida Thursday after his mother reminded him for the “thousandth time.” After she asked him how school was going, Frieda told her grandson that it has been “humid lately” and “raining a lot in the afternoons.” Jacob told her that it was “cloudy” today in Peekskill and that it was supposed to get cold that night. Following a pregnant pause, his grandmother replied, “It’s just very humid and rainy here.” When Jacob asked his grandmother if she had any plans for the weekend, she replied that it was “too humid and rainy to go outside.” Jacob’s mother thanked him for being a “good grandson” and told him he will call again in a few days to see how she’s doing.

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