An Anonymous Letter

Warning: This letter contains information regarding someone’s impending death. Readers may find it disturbing.

November 22, 2012

Dear Ellen,

I’m very scared to write this letter. I’m afraid if I’m caught, the people abusing me will find out and kill me. I hope you can save my life. I’m being held against my will in a warehouse. I don’t know where it is. It’s dark, filthy, and cold. I’m sitting on a cement floor in my own feces. There are many others like me here. I’m very badly injured. I have gashes in my neck and stomach and can barely walk. I’m being force-fed by monsters who keep shoving a pipe down my throat. I’m shaking because I’m scared they’re going to do it again. Oh God, here comes the man with the pipe. Nooo! Noooo! He’s going to shove it down my throat. I can’t stop shaking. There is nowhere to run. I heard him say he’s fattening up my liver so people can eat something they call foie gras. Why is he doing this to me? Please save me! Oh God.

Andrew Kirschner is a volunteer animal advocate and ethical vegan. He wants to be a guest on your program, The Ellen Degeneres Show, to discuss his proposal for a law in Florida to ban the sale of foie gras — the stuff they make out of my diseased liver for people to eat. It’s already illegal in California and 14 countries because it’s considered the most cruel form of animal agriculture. He doesn’t want nor will he accept any cash, cars, trips, or anything else. All he wants to do is raise awareness about this issue to help the most defenseless among us. Please let him speak for us. Please save us from this unthinkable violence Ellen. I’m begging you. I speak for countless others like me.

On behalf of millions of brutally abused ducks and geese,

An Anonymous Goose

*This letter was mailed to Ellen Degeneres on November 23, 2012.


7 thoughts on “An Anonymous Letter

  1. Limping along without any moral guide, religion and politics abducted by egomania, education is left up to high paid public relations firms that hire psychiatrists and psychologists to better learn marketing to the masses….If you’ve watched TV in the last decade or so, SEE how it is used to glorify war, violence, sexism, and of course, animals as commodities. For a culture assuming some higher intellect than other non-human animals, proving it would take some doing! People eat what some pimp actor or actress tells them to. If manure was marketed as giving men extra sex drive, the meat industry would have another use for it…Diseased liver, like calves flesh, required a marketing campaign that got people to swallow a perversion…Happens all the time.

  2. Just found you online through another site. The world needs a lot more good, gentle, compassionate souls like you, thank you SO MUCH for doing what you do to give a voice to the helpless, voiceless animals!!!!! Did you hear back from Ellen?

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