Diary of a Juice Cleanse

At noon today, I ate as much unhealthy and fattening food as I could stomach with the false hope that it will sustain any cravings next week. In all likelihood, it will offset the weight loss benefits of my upcoming juice cleanse but it will be worth it psychologically as I intend on drawing upon those fond memories of sinking my teeth into one indulgence after another. The pre-pre-cleanse eating binge included pretzels, blueberry pancakes, chocolate chip muffins, and chocolate chip cookies.

9 out of 10 people who eat this cookie eat another one right away.
This muffin takes me to Neverland.

I’m excited to embark on my maiden juice cleanse voyage. My friend Sandra is participating in the cleanse with me. Here is our schedule:

Saturday-Monday: 100% raw vegan food

Tuesday-Thursday: 6 – 16 oz. raw juice drinks per day (pictured above)

Friday-Sunday: 100% raw vegan food

I did a raw shopping today and here are some of the foods that made the cut:

I made a sensational raw kale salad for dinner with Goji berries, pine nuts, lemon, avocado, cashew butter, and dates. It was bursting with flavor.

Kale Salad

When I began the cleanse, I weighed 160 lbs. I will weigh myself again in nine days to see if I lose weight after the cleanse — not the purpose of the cleanse but interesting nonetheless. I’ll also post pictures of some of the food I’m eating each day.

Raw homemade walnut milk and raw cereal
Delicious Mock Tuna on Crackers — All Raw!
Raw Zucchini Hemp Hummus

Tonight we complete three days of eating raw vegan food. It was fun (I made some new recipes), easy (there are so many delicious options), we both feel very healthy and alive, and we enjoyed the food’s flavors more since it was unmasked by processing. It’s also a very grounding and humbling experience as it reminded us to be grateful to eat any food at all.

If you think being vegan is hard, try eating raw vegan food only.
If you think eating raw food only is hard, try a juice cleanse.
If you think a juice cleanse is hard, try living without food and water.
If you think not eating animals is hard, try being one of the animals you eat.
Everything is relative. When you put what you eat in context,
your gratitude will shape your discipline and decision-making.

We’re picking up our first six juices for Day 1 in the morning! We’re excited and ready to reap the benefits!

Juice Cleanse Eve
We just ate our last “meal” for the next three days. I must admit I’m a bit nervous. I’m not sure what to expect. I fear being hungry — something that is probably a good emotion to experience given how many millions of children go to bed hungry every night. Meanwhile, Sandra is talking about juicing for a week! Way to make me feel like a softy! Sandra told me if I get hungry, I should “drink some water but only if I’m dying.”

Juice Cleanse Day 1

Drink #1. Filling. Delicious. Tastes like apple juice. Confidence building.

I read a brochure on cleansing that put my mind at ease. I learned we’re supposed to drink a lot of water during the cleanse and that we are supposed to eat cooked oatmeal the day after the cleanse (welcome news!). The pamphlet also discusses the psychological aspect of a first juice cleanse which might involve cravings for food and advises ignoring them. I have and they have gone away. Finally, it provides inspiring insight into the health benefits of a cleanse.

Drink #2. Even better than #1. Mornings will be easy.

It’s 1:30 pm and I’m not hungry. I’m not even thinking about food. I am pleasantly surprised. Both drinks were filling. I’m trying not to drink too many of them early in case I get hungry later so I still have some left. Playing it safe.

Tastes good to me!

#5: apple, cucumber, parsley, spinach, lemon, ginger, and water. Great.
#6: Cashew milk and vanilla bean. Delicious.

I heard the first day of a juice cleanse is hard. It couldn’t have been easier. All of the drinks were fantastic! I had a couple of 5 minute headaches in the pre-cleanse but none during my first juice-only day. I think I was missing my bean burritos! I can tell I’ve already lost weight and I feel good. The next two days will be simple.

I was hungry a few times today but realized it was psychological. I followed the advice I received and got control of my mind and the hunger disappeared. I was afraid I would run out of drinks and get hungry late at night. I was wrong. I could have drunk more earlier. Today I will time it better. I had #5 at 9:00 pm and I wasn’t even hungry for it. I drank #6 at midnight but I didn’t even need it. I drank it to drink it. It’s 9:15 am on Day 2 of the juice cleanse and I haven’t even had #1 of Day 2 yet and I’m still not hungry. Amazing.

This has been an enlightening experience as it has made me more aware of the fact that I probably eat a lot when I’m not really hungry. It has also taught me to be more grateful to be fortunate enough to be able to eat and drink when I’m hungry and thirsty. I’m already glad I decided to do the cleanse. It feels good to be treating my body with so much respect and to continue to eat and drink cruelty-free food.

Juice Cleanse Day 2

The second day of the cleanse was equally easy. I drank all six drinks, exercised, and felt very alive and grateful.

Juice Cleanse Day 3

I was hungry a few times on the third day but it subsided. I didn’t eat anything but I read you can eat an apple or a smoothie if you get hungry so it shouldn’t worry anyone considering a cleanse. I actually feel guilty thinking about eating even raw food because I’m so used to drinking the juices now. I don’t even want to put raw food in my body let alone processed food.

I learned a lot about what my body can do and what it needs to survive. I didn’t feel like I had any more or less energy. I just felt healthy and respectful of my body. It’s a very grounding and empowering experience that prompted a lot of self-reflection.

I will eat a lot more raw food now. I enjoyed not doing any dishes!


I started the morning off with a recommended bowl of steel cut oats with cinnamon. It felt weird eating. The next three days, we will continue to eat all raw vegan food with the exception of the oatmeal.

My all raw mock tuna on a raw flaxseed cracker is one of my new favorite discoveries.

I also bought some raw treats to celebrate the end of the juice cleanse!

I lost seven pounds in six days. Ironically, Sandra also lost the same amount. It’s smooth sailing from herein. We discovered a lot of new raw recipes so we will both be eating a lot more raw food. Sandra also bought a juicer and already made her first spinach, kale, and lemon juice and loved it.

Thank you for reading about our experiences. I hope they motivated you to take care of your body and mind and to show compassion when you eat.

*Please consult your doctor before participating in a juice cleanse.


8 thoughts on “Diary of a Juice Cleanse

  1. Hi Andrew..regarding that kale salad..you mentioned almond butter…what did you do witih it? Was it s sort of dip? Anyway….I will be very interested to see how you get on and how you will be feeling during the fast..good luck…x

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thank you for your question. Whole Foods sells raw cashew and almond butter. It’s made by Artisana. You can see it at artisanafoods.com.

      I mixed it into the salad and it tastes delicious.

  2. Hay Andrew…this is so aMOOzing that ewe are doing this. I started juicing a few months back in the mornings only and noticed a real energy surge. Not sure if Diet Coke stock has taken a nose-dive but I’ve severely dropped my consumption thanks to juicing. :) I’m not a huge fan of raw foods (at risk of offering up an omnivore excuse “God gave us fire for a reason AND flame doesn’t harm animals) but I’m looking forward to hearing the good, the bad and the ugly (okay…maybe not so much the ugly) of your experience. Best of luck, my friend.

  3. Many people in the world are trying juice cleanse diet system and getting positive results. Juices of green vegetables and fruits are full of vitamins and nutrition. With juice cleanse we can improve our metabolic system and refresh our body.

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